Digital Concrete

The Green transformation

We have developed a technological platform that allows us to handle concrete as a dynamic and constantly evolving medium. Our business model, focused on sustainability, envisages two types of on-site construction: the classic on-site construction of the building and the more innovative on-site prefabrication, optimized so as to avoid the construction, handling and storage of prefabricated components in large warehouses, all to the benefit of the territory and the environment. Our goal is to mitigate if not eliminate the impact of large-scale works on the environment and on the local communities.

Our starting point is 3D printing, carried out with robots, and at HINFRA we have taken the process to its maximum expression, making it unique on an industrial scale: from a technical standpoint, we have been able to move from the layer (layer-by-layer filament) to full section, breaking down productivity and size limits. This enables us to look at different sectors for the development of our projects, among which infrastructure and green energy, for example tunnels, bridges, dams, offshore wind power.