ETLR Train

The green transformation

The processing train, prototyped by us, is a machinery consisting of several modular units, each of which carries out a specific function.

The automation of a set of operations, some of which are carried out at the same time, combined with the use of our special concretes, which are engineered for ultra-fast extrusion, allow the ETLR train to advance at least 10 times faster than traditional tunnel cap resurfacing methods.


Main process phases


The removal of the damaged lining, either partial or total, for thicknesses from 10 cm up to > 50 cm can be done by mechanical demolition or hydro blasting.


Depending on the geological and structural conditions of the project, waterproofing layers and/or reinforcing bars may be installed if so required.

New cap

The pumping and injection system optimized for the sliding formwork system enables the construction of the new cap in continuous or by means of jointed segments, for variable thicknesses.


Stabilizing bulkhead contrast modules, fully operated in remote, generate system advancement based on guaranteed performance at the striking section.