The new technological hub



About us

HINFRA is a digital infrastructure factory, a new model of construction company that translates into a technological hub for major civil engineering works.

Digital Concrete

We have developed a technological platform that allows us to handle concrete as a dynamic, sustainability-conscious, and constantly evolving medium


Our propensity to innovate has driven us to overturn the paradigm of the traditional enterprise by developing machinery and materials in a continuous cycle.


At HINFRA, we are dedicated to implementing innovative technologies starting from digital concrete, a green concrete that is mindful of sustainability parameters.


In many industrialized countries, maintenance of the existing infrastructural network is a necessary process, and in some cases, the lack of such maintenance has led to critical situations, at times with tragic outcomes.


The result of various analyses reveals a scenario in which a series of quick interventions is required. Multiple damages impacting both the economy and the social base of countries.

ETLR Train

The processing train, prototyped by us, is a machinery consisting of several modular units, each of which performs a specific function, even simultaneously.